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Everything You Need To Know About Roof Hail Damage

Your roof protects you and your family from the elements, but it can only take so much before it starts to give in to the trauma. The biggest culprit is usually hail, solid precipitation that hurls down with the rain during some storms. Colorado residents fall victim to hail damage more than most. In fact,

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Why You Should Work with a HAAG Certified Contractor

Sometimes the most nerve-wracking part of being a homeowner is not owning the home but being responsible for contacting contractors for home repair jobs. If you don’t understand who you are hiring for the job, you could make the problem worse and more expensive to solve in the long term. You may also get scammed.

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Roof Storm Damage? 7 Signs You Need Repairs or Replacement

Never ignore the condition of your roof. Ignoring problems now can lead to costly repair bills later. Besides normal wear and tear, storms often cause a large amount of damage that goes ignored or unnoticed. Homemakers should not take their roof for granted or assume it never needs to be repaired or inspected. A well-constructed

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What To Do If Your Roof Insurance Claim Is Denied

You filed a claim with your homeowners insurance company to repair or replace your roof, but your claim got denied. Now what?  Don’t get discouraged if your insurance company denies your roofing claim! Many companies look for reasons to deny a claim instead of looking for reasons to accept it. A denial is not necessarily

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